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Marketing and sales for Gutter Solutions. Products include rain gutter, gutter cleaning, Gutter Helmet, Snaplock, heated gutters, ice dam issues, life time guaranteed gutters, copper gutters, aluminum gutters, steel gutters. Service area includes Livingston Montana, Bozeman Montana, Billings Montana, Big Sky Montana.

NORTH HILL BLUNDER – Don’t let it happen to you!

A few years ago we installed gutters for a nice lady on the North Hill in Livingston Montana. She had tall, beautiful cottonwood trees all around her house. We talked about installing our Gutter Helmet over her gutters to keep them clean. … Continue reading

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Save the Rain Water! Use a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels really do help our environment! It’s one way we can each do our part to conserve our natural resources. By installing a rain barrel system at your home you will: 1. Reduce flooding  in your yard or your basement, by … Continue reading

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Why Snaplock?

After years of working with gutters and the gutter industry, we became frustrated with the lack of longevity of most gutter systems, and their inability to withstand Montana’s extreme weather conditions. We began to notice that after about 3 years … Continue reading

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Gutter Helmet Is Strong – Withstands 110 MPH Winds

Southeastern Metals recently contracted with an accredited ASTM* testing facility in Tampa, FL – PRI Construction Materials Testing Laboratory. PRI performed a “High Velocity Wind Driven Rain Test” that battered Gutter Helmet with winds/rain up to 110mph (Category 3 Hurricane). … Continue reading

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“Guaranteed Gutters”, are they worth it?

My brother, Jim, purchased a new gutter system a few years ago – they “looked” great. Then the rain came. He put on his rain coat, went out to examine his FINE, NEW gutter system. All the way around his house water was leaking … Continue reading

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Selecting a Rain Gutter Contractor

BUMMER – The rain gutters aren’t working, they’re plugged, they’re falling off, HECK WE DONT EVEN HAVE RAIN GUTTERS!! Now we have to find someone to help with our gutter system. How do we find one and how do we … Continue reading

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The Ever Important “Referral”!

So far this year our business has generated 307 leads, out of these 152 were repeat or referrals. THAT’S 50% FOLKS!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a referral from you. That’s why Gutter Solutions is running an insanely amazing … Continue reading

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