NORTH HILL BLUNDER – Don’t let it happen to you!

A few years ago we installed gutters for a nice lady on the North Hill in Livingston Montana. She had tall, beautiful cottonwood trees all around her house. We talked about installing our Gutter Helmet over her gutters to keep them clean. She was concerned because she wintered in Arizona, didn’t care much for ladders and had a sever case of “Yuck-a-Phobia” when it came to cleaning gutters. But, at the time she didnt want to invest in gutter protection.

Early that next spring we got an urgent call to come and look at her “gutter problem”.  I arrived to find the down spouts had plugged in the fall, causing the gutters to over flow all winter. When she got back home from Arizona, she found eighteen inches of water in her basement. She spent thousands on a major remodel, including mold remediation. Needless to say, Gutter Helmet was installed that next week.


Before writing this blog, I googled “gutter cleaning”, a list of gutter cleaning companies, all kinds of gagets for cleaning your gutters (including the spectacular iRobot Looj 125 gutter cleaning Robot) came up. All this things address the symptom, the real problem is that junk gets into the gutter. That is what needs to be stopped!!

Next I googled “gutter protection”. Agian, I got 401,000 results, screens, tubes, sponges, hoods, this works, that dosent work….


When Gutter Solutions was looking for a product to keep their customer’s gutters flowing free and clear, we decided on four criteria;

1. It had to keep debris from plugging the gutters and down spouts, and keep rain water flowing through the gutter system.

2. It had to last the life of the home.

3. It had to work in South West Montana’s harsh climate.

4. It had to look nice

We tried them all. We decided on Gutter Helmet because it meet all of our guidelines and it is backed by a national company, with a life time guarantee.

So, your gutters must be cleaned this spring. Your know what to do!

Gutter Solutions (406)222-0846


About dskattum

Marketing and sales for Gutter Solutions. Products include rain gutter, gutter cleaning, Gutter Helmet, Snaplock, heated gutters, ice dam issues, life time guaranteed gutters, copper gutters, aluminum gutters, steel gutters. Service area includes Livingston Montana, Bozeman Montana, Billings Montana, Big Sky Montana.
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