“Guaranteed Gutters”, are they worth it?

My brother, Jim, purchased a new gutter system a few years ago – they “looked” great. Then the rain came. He put on his rain coat, went out to examine his FINE, NEW gutter system. All the way around his house water was leaking behind the gutters causing damage to the fascia. He call the next day…no answeres no guarantees!

A guarantee is an important part of buying a product. Risk free buying is smart buying. You want to always have a guarantee with the product you purchase; you never know what might go wrong. Ideally it should be unconditional. There are several reasons why you should always buy a product with a guarantee. Here are a few.

Why you need a guarantee…

* Defects in any product: defective products can often occur despite your buying from a reputable business. This isn’t anyone’s fault and has to be expected to happen from time to time. This is why it is best to purchase from a business that has a good guarantee that doesn’t try to profit from, or wiggle its way out of a free replacement policy.

* Shows the business cares about its customers: a company that includes a good guarantee with its products shows that it cares about its customers. There is nothing worse than having something go wrong only to realize that the business you’re dealing with couldn’t give a fig if you don’t ever come back. As times get a little tougher these unscrupulous organizations begin to show their true colors.

* Buy with confidence: sometimes it’s not what you want and the quality of the product is substandard. Delays in a product’s delivery will possibly have a domino effect and hold up other work. Business delays can cost you money as well as your valuable time.

Always buy gutter systems with a guarantee!!

(Thanks Tom Sanderrs for your help with this article)


About dskattum

Marketing and sales for Gutter Solutions. Products include rain gutter, gutter cleaning, Gutter Helmet, Snaplock, heated gutters, ice dam issues, life time guaranteed gutters, copper gutters, aluminum gutters, steel gutters. Service area includes Livingston Montana, Bozeman Montana, Billings Montana, Big Sky Montana.
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