Selecting a Rain Gutter Contractor

BUMMER – The rain gutters aren’t working, they’re plugged, they’re falling off, HECK WE DONT EVEN HAVE RAIN GUTTERS!! Now we have to find someone to help with our gutter system. How do we find one and how do we know if they are any good??

Here are some ideas:

The best way to find any contractor is to ask your friends and neighbors who they use. You can also look on the internet or yellow pages. It’s always a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau.


1. Does the company offer a guarantee, backed by the product’s manufacturer?

2. Can the company provide friendly, punctual service?

3. Does the company have a reference list for you to examine?

4. Are the installers Certified and professional?

5. Is the company fully insured, including commercial auto, commercial liability, and workman’s compensation?

6. Do they offer a wide variety of specialty products, colors and services?

7. Can they provide financing options?


About dskattum

Marketing and sales for Gutter Solutions. Products include rain gutter, gutter cleaning, Gutter Helmet, Snaplock, heated gutters, ice dam issues, life time guaranteed gutters, copper gutters, aluminum gutters, steel gutters. Service area includes Livingston Montana, Bozeman Montana, Billings Montana, Big Sky Montana.
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